12 June 2019 | Tel Aviv, Israel
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12 June 2019
Tel Aviv, Israel
Israel Mobile Summit 2019 1x1 Meetings

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Israel Mobile Summit 2019 1x1 Meetings

NOTE: After registering it can take us up to 2 business days to validate your profile. Do not email us for activation, unless 2 days have passed! 

This site allows you to set and get meetings with participants from the Israel Mobile Summit 2018. Note that in order to take part, you need to have a valid ticket, as meetings take place inside the Summit area (You can buy a ticket here in case you still don't have one)

If more than one delegate attends the Summit, and you plan to do meetings together, it's recommended to register only one, so you will not have calendar conflicts.

After registering, we will verify your details and activate you, this can take 24 hours. If you have a BUSINESS/VIP ticket your profile will be upgraded to a Business Attendee.

NOTE: If you have a BUSINESS or VIP ticket you will be able to request and accept meetings. If you have a REGULAR ticket you will only be able to accept, not request.

The first and most important step is registering your profile, in which you define what you do, and after that you will be visible to other attendees.


Closed since 11 June 2019


EXPO Tel Aviv (Ganey Hata'arucha)


Participants 232
Meetings 317


Argentina 1
Austria 1
Belarus 2
Bulgaria 1
Canada 2
China 3
Cyprus 7
Denmark 1
Estonia 4
Finland 1
France 5
Germany 15
Greece 3
China (Hong Kong) 2
India 14
Ireland 4
Israel 94
Italy 2
Japan 1
Lithuania 1
Malta 1
Netherlands 2
Poland 11
Portugal 3
Russia 6
Serbia 2
Seychelles 2
Singapore 5
Spain 16
Turkey 1
Ukraine 8
United Kingdom 9
United States 10
Total 240


App Publisher 16
Game Publisher 11
Ad Network 61
Ad Agency 45
Affiliate Network 12
Analytics/Attribution 13
Startup 27
Software House 23
Venture Capital/Investor/Accelerator 1
Other 31
Total 240